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Lift-Off Global Network

Lift-Off Global Network is based at one of the most famous film studios on the planet. Our headquarters at Pinewood Studios in the UK is at the heart of the film industry. This gives us unique access to state of the art technologies, industry stakeholders and a great canteen!

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We welcome face to face meeting requests from anyone interested in learning about what we do. We are an open and energetic team, focused on changing the film industry by introducing unique ideas - forging long lasting relationships with other organisations and the great people we meet along the way.

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Lift-Off Global Network Limited
Mission Control
Rooms 38 & 39
Main Club House
Pinewood Studios, UK

From humble beginnings in 2011 the Lift-Off Film Festival Network has spread around the world, bringing new independent cinema to global audiences. Lift-Off's motto is in its name. We focus on supporting emerging talent in independent cinema, providing platforms for new voices, a network for them to grow and the fuel to launch their careers.

The Lift-Off Network is a new kind of film festival. We have moved away from the traditional large yearly event, and replaced it with a network of global events that provide a platform for a global exchange of independent cinema. The season culminates in our yearly season awards show, at Pinewood studios, where we award the best that our season had to offer.

Global film festival screenings

The Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network is the only worldwide exchange of true independent cinema. Supporting grassroots filmmakers on their quest into the film industry. We are here to help support your professional life in film. For all information on submitting to or attending one of our events please select from any of our ten Lift-Off Cities below...

Content and career feedback

From submission, through to screenings - Lift-Off offers extensive and detailed feedback to help the filmmakers take the next step


Each of our festivals have the option for extended and extensive feedback. Where the qualified reviewer gives a full breakdown covering every aspect of the work. This includes analysis of the film language, the acting, the technical aspects and the artistic intention. Included with this are next step recommendations and a retrospective review.

Lift-Off Film Festival Extended Feedback

When you screen with any Lift-Off City we will be asking the attending audience for their feedback, and we will be sending that feedback to you. Audience responses are vital in understanding how your work sits on it's own merit, and we don't shy away from sending you the best of the best and the worst of the worst. When your film screens around the world you might be surprised what you can learn.

Lift-Off Film Festival Extended Feedback

Our submission partners...

Filmmakers and script writers may submit to the Lift-Off Global Film Festivals via either one of our two submission partners. Both have varying levels of fees they charge us and fees they charge you. This reflects on the respective costs per submission. Each festival is at different stages of deadlines, with the event dates spread throughout the year, please take your pick...

Awarding the creative professionals behind the best of indie film

At the end of every respective Lift-Off Season, we hold our awards show at Pinewood Studios. Where our Jury vote across all multi disciplines within independent film and the work which Lift-Off has showcased that year.

Lift-Off Season Awards 2015 | Highlights.

Prizes & Awards

From the submission level right through to our award winners we supply nothing but value!

The Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network is fast becoming a community within itself. Our prizes and awards stretch from the submission level, all the way through to our season awards at the end of each year. We offer as much as possible to all who submit, our officially selected filmmakers, our nominees and winners.

This is what all Lift-Off Film Festivals have to offer our submitters, high scoring films, official selections and winners...

At the submission level.

❀ Value for your submission fee. Exclusive content emailed to every submitter up-to 24hrs from the time of submission.

❀ High scoring films. If your film scores high but isn't included in our final programme you will be invited to our Lift-Off Online Film Festival initiative, an online competitions which run parallel with the respective live city screenings - where the top two winners get official selections at either of the next two Lift-Off cities.


Liverpool Lift-Off Online 2016Tokyo Lift-Off Online 2016Las Vegas Lift-Off Online 2016 VHS Cover Low Resvancouver Online 








At the festivals...

Shorts, Music Videos and New Media...inc Web Series.

❀ Short Film Prizes. Live Action Narrative and Documentaries. Official Selections all proceeding Lift-Off Film Festivals.

❀ Nominations Short Films. When short films screen at any Lift-Off Film Festival they are automatically open to receiving nominations for the Lift-Off Season Awards held at the world famous Pinewood Studios in December.

Nominations for Shorts, Music Videos and New Media.
Best Short Live Action Narrative
Best Short Documentary
Best Short Animation
Best Music Video
Best Web Series
Best Director (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Actor (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Acting Ensemble (open for shorts, features and new media)


Features. Live Action Narrative. Documentary.

❀ Feature Film Prizes. Live Action Narrative and Documentaries. Official Selection at the next proceeding Lift-Off Film Festival.

Nominations for Feature Films.
Best Feature Live Action Narrative
Best Feature Documentary
Best Feature Animation
Best Post Production
Best Art Direction
Best Hair and Make-up
Best Cinematography
Best Director (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Actor (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Acting Ensemble (open for shorts, features and new media)


After the screenings and season awards.

Optional inclusion | Best of Collection Lift-Off On-Demand.

❀ Online VOD Distribution. Any film which is screened during the season at any Lift-Off Film Festival is invited to earn money by being part of Lift-Off's Best of Collection.


Lift-Off Family Membership?

After all of the above you will be regarded as part of the Lift-Off Family for the years to come. We want you to continue to engage with us, and as we grow we will welcome select directors in helping us to build our own productions, projects, and hopefully join our jury and selection committee.

Distribution | VOD

As the digital age comes out of infancy one thing is clear: the way we consume content is rapidly on the shift. As a film network we feel that it is our duty to give filmmakers we champion the opportunity to have their work sold through our channel partners on-line. To find out more click the button below...


We know marketing, we know our filmmakers. In 2016 we will be starting the pathway to becoming a filmmaker agency going after all types of commercial contracts across multiple fields. Fully utilising our talent pool of filmmakers to create and win exciting commercial contracts - which will in-turn lead towards more opportunities for all involved.

Social Media

We have spread our social activities to fall in line with the geography of our various cities and their surrounding regions. Our social sites serve as perfect locations to keep up to date with our audiences, engage with our followers and market directly the efforts of the filmmakers we showcase. We welcome you to engage with us...


We can't promise any #bootygains but we'd love for you to follow what we're up to as we engage with indie filmmakers around the world. Follow all of our 'filtered' adventures on the worlds fastest growing social media platform!


Our views are entirely our own. Twitter seems to be a gold mine for wit, personal jibes and an amazing human-character study tool.

If you're on Twitter simply say hello using the hash tag #LiftOffFilmFestivals and we'll find you!