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The Lift-Off global network is now accepting applications for feature films with market potential

The sales arm of the Lift-Off Distribution Global Network is on the hunt for sellable content. We are looking for feature film of all genres that we can represent at the major film markets with a look to gain revenue through distribution for our filmmakers.

Filmmakers : If you screen with us at any of our globally based film festivals - we will endeavour to market your work to our worldwide audiences after your respective festival run.

Support Indie Filmmakers. Help us build a marketplace for true indie talent.

Audience : We pride ourselves on the content we showcase and believe that our filmmakers work deserves to be seen. Engage with our filmmakers work, help us build a sustainable industry for the grassroots and beyond.

All proceeds go to the filmmakers

Films of the Fortnight…

Watch: Film of the Fortnight - Murmur - Directed by Aurora Fearnley

Watch: Film of the Fortnight - A Complicated Way to Live - Directed by Ged Hunter

Watch: Film of the Fortnight - BEN NOW - Directed by Graham Atkins-Hughes.

Watch: Film of the Fortnight - BEN NOW - Directed by Graham Atkins-Hughes.

Watch: Film of the Fortnight - ÓL (Sty) – Directed by Árpád Hermán

Lift-Off supports your professional life within film...

Regardless of wether you screen with our festivals or not, if you are a filmmaker with the same ambition as ours, we want you to get in touch. We can offer a clear pathway to professional filmmaking for all genres and styles. At the beginning level we can tell you what your next step is, and help you to get there. If you are realistic, willing to work and see your entire career as the project, get in touch now, we'd love to hear from you.

Let us help you get back on track...

Finding momentum and a reason to continue your creative pursuits can sometimes leave you feeling jaded and unappreciated. We know how that feels. Lift-Off wants you to get back into filmmaking. Support your peers and they will support you. The key to succeeding in this industry is by contributing to it first. Get in touch with us today and we will get you back into the business.

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