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Latest News Direct from the Network : Find out here what we are doing for filmmakers, distributors and agents as we bring projects from our festivals directly to the global marketplace...
March 1st, 2017 | Devilworks acquires the brilliant Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival Winner: Josh Laner's 'Ken Foster'

March 1st, 2017... 'Ken Foster' signs with Devilworks for world rights distribution. The feature documentary directed by Josh Laner was a crowd favourite at Vancouver Lift-Off Film Festival last summer, prompting the Lift-Off Global Network to represent the film at AFM (The American Film Market) in Santa Monica last November.

Following a series of offers, the team decided that Devilworks poised the best option for worldwide distribution sales and thus 'Ken Foster' was acquired.

'Ken Foster' is a gripping, and many times hilarious, a documentary that follows the Vancouver street artist Ken Foster as he deals with the demon of addiction wrestling with the inner glow of his character and obvious artistic genius. Told from the stories of his loved ones, collectors and the man himself, through art battles and life on the street - this is a film with guts, honesty and compassion that will make any audience an immediate fan.

The Lift-Off Global Network is very different from the film festivals you know. We screen films but that's where the similarities end...
Our ten cities not only provide live screenings in exciting venues around the world and throughout the year, but at our core we are an entry level talent introducer for filmmakers and their films. Through the creation of a genuine introducer non-profit network, we have teamed up with sales agents and one of the largest talent agencies in the world, providing them with a first look at the work we select and the filmmakers we champion. We don't have screening restrictions on premier status or if your film has been viewed online before. We screen your work because we believe in it and we want you and your work to have the best possible opportunities for success.

These are the people we have teamed up with to help our filmmakers...

We do not take any introducer fees, nor do we provide hollow promises. If we believe that your work should be seen by the right people who can take it to the next level we will make sure they see it! Our festivals act as professional and public showcases where we invite press, distributors, industry stakeholders and the general public to engage with true independent cinema. Screening exceptional work, and introducing the next generation of talent to companies with similar vision and the ability to help take our Lift-Off Filmmakers to the next level. We launch filmmakers careers!

We are very different to anything else you've seen or heard about before...

Genuine Value for your Festival Submission Fee
We believe strongly that if we charge you for something then we must provide value, which is why our submission fees come with exclusive content for everyone who submits to our festivals.
Worldwide Screenings
Submit to one of our cities, win the audience choice award and then screen at the next city. It is not uncommon that one film will gain huge traction with us and screen all over the globe!
Public Relations Support
We give you your own customisable press release, and introduce you to journalists that will help build the buzz surrounding you and your work. On top of this we also give each and every submitter an exclusive eBook for free which highlights the best practice for marketing your screening with us.
Awarding Everyone Involved
Our Season Awards held annually at Pinewood Studios features awards in several categories. They include the many disciples of a typical cast and crew on an indie film. These people are the core of the work and they deserve to be recognised for their talents.
Extensive Feedback & Career Road-Mapping
We can supply full feedback on the work you send us, plus also give a realistic view as to what you need to develop in order to fully achieve your goals.
An On-Demand Model for Short Films
Short film distribution is difficult, however we beleive that there is still a market out there provided the filmmakers create and pursue it. At the end of each Lift-Off Season we will invite the best short films of the year to form part of our on-demand initiative. Where the filmmakers take 100% of the proceeds.
Introductions to Talent Agents
Directors like actors need representation, they help to get paid work and assist in legal issues when required. The problem is they choose who they wish to represent and it can be hard to get your foot in the door. Lift-Off now has strong connections in this area and are proactive in ensuring that our award winning filmmakers are given full introductions to the industries biggest players. We want you to realise your professional life within film and one way in doing that is by introducing - fee-free - your skills to our partners.
Genuine Introductions | Sales Agents and Distributors
We have relationships with sales agents and introduce specific work we know they'll be interested in, without taking a single penny or finders fee. Outside of the film markets we cater our programming towards the work we know will be of interest to the partners we have on-board, either genre or region specific and in the same time offer curve-balls to the agencies on a first look basis.
When an film is received by Lift-Off which we believe should have a stronger festival run, we will introduce it to TFA. TFA builds the right festival strategy for filmmakers. Maximize your film's exposure. Represent your film(s) in major films markets. Handle all logistics from submissions to shipping. Giving access to 24/7 live reporting.
This boutique arthouse sales agency are fully committed to one or maybe two films per year. Their approach is to take filmmakers at their entry level and assist in the production of their first feature. Lift-Off Filmmakers who are on their 5th or 6th short film, whom we deem ready to make the feature film first step, will be introduced to the Coproduction Office on a bi-annually basis.
Devilworks is a sales agency interested in achieving VOD and theatrical distribution deals for films of science fiction and science fiction horror genres. Lift-Off will be giving Devilworks the first look at the feature films we screen that match these two genre types.
Paris-based, Luxbox is dedicated to international sales and co-production of selected projects from within the art-house world cinema genre. Production, distribution, acquisitions, sales and festivals programming. Lift-Off will be introducing our international award winning feature films to this exciting and dedicated team.
Japanese based sales, distribution and talent representation agency. SDP distribute International fiction based content into Japan theatres and VOD platforms. SDP also distributes Japanese films globally. Our unique link with SDP will give our International filmmakers the opportunity to gain distribution in Japan, but also our Japanese submitters will have an introduction to one of the largest theatrical distributors and talent agencies in the far east.
Representing some of the worlds most recognised and prolific film directors and actors. UTA is the globes largest and Lift-Off's sole talent agency. Lift-Off's Best Actor, Best Director and Best Acting Ensemble will all have a first look and a first refusal from United.
LAB 111 is the co-producer venue for Amsterdam Lift-Off. An art institution in the Netherlands LAB 111 provides our Amsterdam festival with a great venue and an exceptional address book - keeping the door wide open for big opportunities for our filmmakers.
Japan's largest documentary distributor and the home of Tokyo Lift-Off. UPLINK is responsible for distributing Jodorosky's Dune and Banksy's Exit through the gift shop. A impressive catalogue and eager to start building the relationship between the Lift-Off Global Network and our filmmakers.
Sydney Lift-Off's home and one of the most attractive cinema venues in New South Wales. Denby has a reputation for screening cutting edge world cinema, and has a big following among the cinephiles of Australia.

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Beating the cynics... What's in it for Lift-Off?

Lot's of things. Firstly we only make money from entry fees. We don't charge high ticket prices so most of our income is through submissions. We charge anywhere between $5 to $65 per submission/competition-entry - depending on how close the festivals final deadline is. Ultimately, this makes us one of the cheapest, but also one of the most cost effective. All due to the fact that we provide value for the submission fee at the submission level. When a filmmaker submits to us as normal, through either FilmFreeway or Withoutabox, they are sent exclusive content that's relevant to a film production team at this particular stage of their particular films journey. This content covers everything from creative momentum and technical aspects of filmmaking - right through to the marketing and career development of a filmmakers work. As far as we know we are the only film festival to supply such product - we find that insane to tell you the truth, but that's how it is.

Social Media - Our social marketing prowess is perfect for film distributors...

Marketing films to potential audiences is all about engagement and building hype through interests and regions. We have spread our social activities to fall in line with the geography of our various cities and their surrounding regions. Our social sites serve as perfect locations to keep up to date with our audiences, engage with our followers and market directly the efforts of the filmmakers we showcase. We welcome you to engage with us...


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